Meet the rebels.

Programmers, designers, gamers, tech & animal lovers - all with one common goal.

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Our mission is to create an amazing platform for developers to build, combine, and share feature-blocks of code while optimizing costs and reliability at scale.

Joseph Cooper

CEO and Co-founder

{ Live, love and code }

Francois Courtin

COO and Co-founder

Friendly Prod (20 games, 1 daughter). Word Wizard

Benjamin Appréderisse

DevOps Engineering

Migatte no Goku’i

Guillaume Dury

DevOps Engineering

'When I was a child I was a Jedi'

Laura Ambrose

Front End Engineering

PS 4 life - East London Massive

Nadeem Khedr

Front End Engineering

Front End Pharaoh & Gentle Giant

Raven Yu

Product Design

Apple Devotee & Aspiring Model

Roman Zhilyov

Back End Engineering

make(love && ()=>{code})

Seema Nair

QA Engineer

Improving the world one bug at a time.

Keith Loose

Fullstack Tech

20+ years experience

Yves Sepulchre


10+ years experience

Ankush Gera


15+ years experience

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