Deploy and manage every aspect of your application from website to database into reusable packaged blocks which can be configured between environments like ‘prod’ or ‘dev’ or even recycled between products.
Start Deploying
  • Git Ready.

    Build all your KintoBlocks straight in your favorite git service. Branches & tags are synced in KintoHub!
  • Cloud Agnostic.

    Business logic works on any cloud, and best practices ensure your apps are scalable & cost effective.

How Build Works

Choose a KintoBlock Flavor

KintoHub provides specific solutions depending on what piece of the puzzle you are trying to build.

Push Code & Relax

Each KintoBlock is linked to your favorite git host provider like GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab [coming soon]. Push commits to branches and see them come to life on KintoHub.

Powerful & Flexible Configuration

Environment variables and configuration files are 1st class citizens on KintoHub. Setup your KintoBlock’s requirements which could be configured per branch or overridden in an environment.

KintoBlock Flavors


Lightweight stateless services which perform logic for your business. By default, KintoHub’s microservices are serverless but have the option to be Always On as well.


Tasks are containers that respond to events on the KintoHub platform. They can be a cron job that runs on a schedule, or a CI/CD event that backs up a database, runs an E2E test or more. The choice is yours!

custom services

Custom services are usually stateful services that require Persistent Storage Disks such as databases like MongoDB, shared memory like Redis or eventing like Kafka.


Easily host static, dynamic or server-side rendered websites and deploy them alongside your other KintoBlocks.

cloud services

Deploy Amazon’s RDS or Google’s Spanner in a secure fashion alongside your KintoBlocks.


Package lightweight functions with your app. Be it Lambda or Kubeless, we’ve got it.

KintoHub = All These + Much More

KintoHub abstract the microservice & cloud native ecosystem for you with a simple, intuitive dashboard.

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