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Start Deploying
  • Fully Automated

    It only takes one click to upgrade hundreds of services all over the planet without interrupting a single user’s experience.
  • Scale by Default

    KintoHub uses battle-tested open source software built such as Google's inspired Kubernetes and Lyft's millions of requests per second Envoy proxy.

How Deploy Works

Combine Any Number of KintoBlocks

Manage and configure your fleet of potentially hundreds of services in a single click. Override configuration to be different in dev and prod like API Keys, beta features and more.


Safely deploy your services into an environment with the strategy of your choice. Rolling, Canary, A/B testable and shadow deployments (coming soon) are all possible with KintoHub.

Configure Any Environment

Create one or many environments to create your development workflow. Each environment can set or override any setting such as hostnames and SSL encryption (coming soon), environment variables or high availability.

Deployment Strategies


Deploy the new version of your service alongside your existing service before taking it down. This ensures no downtime while upgrading your product while safely and automatically rolling back your changes if any problems are detected.

Blue/Green Coming Soon

The new service (blue) is deployed alongside your existing service (green). You can run automated tests or manual checks to ensure everything is working correctly before promoting the new version. The old version stays online for safety until explicitly shut down.

Canary Coming Soon

If you want to test specific websites or new features to a subset of users or slowly roll out a new idea, canary release is the best solution. Roll out your KintoBlocks incrementally (1% > 10% > 50% > 100% of your users) over time.

Shadow Traffic Coming Soon

See how the new version (blue) performs with live, real user data & production traffic load. Your users do not see the new version or what’s going on as all responses from your new version are automatically discarded.

Rollback to Previous Version

When an issue arises, you can simply rollback to any previous version with one click. Restore your environment to its original state in seconds.

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