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No longer get distracted from developers asking for support.
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  • 50% Less Time on Distractions

    No more time lost in supporting devs. Focus on fine tuning KintoHub into your perfect cloud native platform.
  • Deployments Made Easy

    Safely test new releases in an isolated environment and promote them when they are ready in a single click.

DevOps Move FAST with KintoHub

Automation by Default

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) comes with KintoHub out of the box. Ensure your team finds errors fast in dev and feature environments to maximize the potential of your user experience.

Any Service Made Possible

Use Helm to build services that could be cost optimized for dev and scalable for production. MongoDB, Cassandra, MySQL, Kafka, RabbitMQ - you name it. Hundreds of charts are already battle tested and available on the web.

Built-in Reliability (Coming Soon)

Configure scaling rules, high availability and SSL certificates in seconds. Use prometheus to setup alerts to ensure you’re notified during critical problems of your application.

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