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  • Lower Bills with Zero Surprises.

    Create cost-efficient apps with ease. Our upfront low-cost pricing is built by machine learning and cost optimization by default.
  • Dashboards by Default.

    Your team can finally manage the full lifecycle from repositories, deployments, logs & alerts in an all-in-one dashboard experience.

Teams Move FAST with KintoHub

Empowering the Individuals

Developers, DevOps, Product Managers, Project Managers, and QA can all work together on a KintoHub workspace. We breakdown your business into manageable KintoBlocks which enforce standards to enable teammates to easily use a solution from any team, with no questions asked. Pure productivity.

Your Global Command Center

Discover problems fast and solutions faster. Teams of any size struggle to deliver features & functionality amongst each other. Manage all your apps and easily update, clone and delete their environments in a single click. With great power comes massive responsibility, if rolling back wasn’t so easy.

Take Full Advantage of the Cloud

No one has time to focus on developers tools. Businesses desire to focus on their app’s next best version to their customers. Let KintoHub be an extension to your team’s SREs, Automation, Security and Ops so you can exploit the full benefits of the cloud without a thought.

Life With KintoHub

Life Without KintoHub

  • 2:00am

    Dev is sleeping.


    Dev receives phone alert “Pet StoreSite Down”.
  • 2:01am

    Dev is sleeping.


    Dev checks alert on KintoHub and begins investigating logs. 5% of users are having trouble logging in.
  • 2:07am

    Support receives 300 issues from live customers. Alerts Ops.


    Dev starts fixing issue.
  • 2:15am

    Ops finds an issue in logs. Alerts dev


    Dev confirms the fix and deploys a blue/green deployment to production
  • 2:20am

    Ops sends logs to Dev. Dev begins fixing issue. QA waits.


    Dev confirms fix on blue deployment and promotes to live
  • 2:35am

    Dev fixes the issue and asks Ops to deploy to staging to test


    Dev is sleeping
  • 3:00am

    Ops manually deploys to staging. QA tests


    Dev is sleeping
  • 3:15am

    QA confirms fix and asks Ops to deploy to production


    Dev is sleeping
  • 4:00am

    The release is successful with 2 hours of downtime, frustrated customers and lost sales


    Dev is sleeping

Business Impact

1 woken up team member
20 minutes of downtime
0.33 man hours paid OT
Full productive team with coffee


Without KintoHub

3 woken up team members
2 hours of downtime
8 man hours of overtime
4x next day tired employees

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