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Empower your team with the tools to understand problems quickly and react to mission-critical events with the best in class experience for your users.
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  • Welcome to Real-time

    Data is no joke and seconds at scale are priceless. Understanding problems in your product the moment that they happen couldn’t be more paramount in today’s high demand for always online services.
  • Effortless Debugging

    Get a view of 100’s of services or the single instance of a scaled service that may be causing havoc with ease.

How Debug & Monitor Works

React to Alerts Coming Soon

Setup automatic phone calls, texts, slack or email alerts to ensure your team can react to issues instantaneously. Understanding hiccups in your infrastructure without a doubt plays an important piece to a successful product. After spending money acquiring quality and engaged users, ensuring they get the best user experience with the little-to-no setup KintoHub provides is priceless!

Drill Down Your Logs

Quickly find errors on your platform with Requests and Logs features of KintoHub. If a specific instance or version of your service is having issues, you can easily search or set up filters to cut out the noise. Our dashboard and search functionality was built to easily drill down into products that have hundreds of services with thousands of instances.

Advanced Add-ons

KintoHub isn’t here to reinvent the wheel. Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger, and Kibana are at your disposal to dive deeper into the state of your products. Setting up production-grade elastic search, logging worfklows, backup and redundancy strategies ain’t easy. KintoHub provides an automatically integrated and managed service for each add-on, enabling your team to quickly get started.
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