KintoHub Launches 1-Click Monolith to Microservices Conversion Tool

After our successful launch on Product Hunt, where KintoHub was voted to be the #1 product of the day in multiple categories, and our “Monoliths are $H1T” video that went viral, we’re excited to share something we’ve been secretly working on for months. It has been a long, fun week and we want to thank you for all your support.

Today we’re going live with KintoHub’s proprietary monolith to microservices converter: Yes, it does exactly what the name suggests. While KintoHub allows you to code your application with microservices and deploy it to the cloud with all the other awesome sauce we offer, this converter is meant for folks who are running giant monoliths and don’t want to relive the Groupon story or spend years re-building their application with services.

Converting Your Monolith to Microservices

All you need to do is upload the URL where your code base is hosted — our code takes a few quick minutes and in a single click, returns your monolith split into services that are ready to use. Currently, the microservices rendered are in the same language as your legacy codebase, but in version 2, we’ll add support for you being able to render services in your choice of one of 9 languages we support. You may have built something for 5 years in Python and our converter will split it into microservices in java and provide one click support to deploy it with full CI/CD and dependency management support.

The converter tool is still in beta and we appreciate any feedback you may have.

Still believe in monoliths and find no use for microservices? Here’s our response to you:


ps: Please join us on Slack or Product Hunt, or reach out to us directly and let us know what you’d like to see next on KintoHub.