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Supercharge your Kubernetes

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Empowering Developers to build, deploy and scale Websites, APIs & Microservices without needing to learn Kubernetes. Connect a git repo and push your code to start sharing features in any programming language now for FREE.

kintohub stack graphic
kintohub stack graphic

Microservices are the future

Microservices are easier to update, better at scale, more versatile, resilient, and cost-efficient than traditional monolithic software. Yet they are difficult to get right, from underlying principles to provisioning the proper infrastructure.

KintoHub weaves together all the tools needed to create microservices easily - so you get all the benefits, but none of the headache.

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Monolithic Apps
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Building Microservices
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Welcome to KintoHub

Designed for the community

KintoHub makes microservices universally compatible and auto-documents your APIs, so you can start sharing features and build amazing apps with the community.

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Meet KintoBlocks

KintoBlocks make coding microservices easy for all your application needs.

Build, combine, manage dependencies, auto document, CI/CD, host and scale across any language with our friendly UI.

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Serverless. Powerful

Focus on writing amazing code. KintoHub handles the busywork, from commits & tagging, to efficient CI/CD, to environment provisioning and application deployment.

We give your microservices a wake up call just when they are needed.

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Language & protocol agnostic

Scripted & compiled languages both welcome. HTTP and gRPC compatible.

Mix and match inside individual applications authorized!

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No SDK, no framework

Leverage the languages and tools you know and love to start building microservices.

Make Microservices work instantly for your team without changing your stack.

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Intuitive dependency management

Visually combine features into applications. Use tags and branches to select features' version. Deploy. Repeat.

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Auto documentation

Follow straightforward rules for commenting in code and get friendly documentation auto-generated from your endpoints.

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Deploy your apps fast
Build and deploy your first application in minutes. Expose the API and call its endpoints anywhere.
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Serverless with a twist
Spawn only the services your applications need. Automatically.
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Backward compatible
Get the best of both worlds: nimble microservices and containerized legacy applications with KintoBlocks.
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Built for teams
Use Workspaces to manage access control. Keep your work organized and your collaboration smooth.
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Time to Git ready
A Git account is all you need to start building KintoBlocks. Versioning and branching are here too.
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The complete stack
Seemlessly benefit from the best combination of handpicked, community-proven tools, from discovery to queuing. Find out more in FAQ.

“It's a package manager for microservices!”

- Ben @ Twitch (Engineer)

“If KintoHub had been here 2 years ago, we would have built Papernest on it.”

- Benoit @ Papernest (Co-founder and CTO)

“Custom microservices development is finally accessible to real businesses. 100% KintoHub!”

- Jarron @ Rouse (Group IT Director)

Deploy microservices in minutes.

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