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Launch Your
Cloud Native Apps
in Seconds.

KintoHub is a cloud-native workflow which manages your entire application’s lifecycle from source to production. Build, combine, deploy and manage APIs, microservices, databases, cron jobs and more in clicks versus weeks.

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Microservices Are The Future.

Enterprise giants scale to billions of users through the power of large teams with big budgets. KintoHub has simplified the same tools for teams of any size, to have the same competitive edge at a fraction of the cost.

  • Idea

  • Test Locally

  • Push

  • Deploy

  • Monitor

Ideas come and go so fast, that sometimes you fall out of love with them before you’re able to build them. Don’t let frustration block innovation. KintoHub can help you break down your BIG idea into small, single-responsibility, microservices that make up your app. If you feel microservices are overkill, no problem! Start with a single service and break them down in the future.

Spin up your app on your machine locally, in the cloud or both with KintoHub’s powerful CLI tools. Ensure your features work before pushing a single commit to your git repository. Got an issue in a live environment? Simply connect and start testing live data locally on your IDE to easily reproduce the issue.

Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab (coming soon) are familiar homes to all developer teams. Commits, Branches, and Tags automatically sync between your KintoBlock project and it’s assigned git repository. Miss Jenkins, Travis or Circle CI? Think twice! Our optional CI is 63% faster and uses 87% fewer resources while automatically lowering cloud cost with spot instances.

Combine Microservices, Websites, Databases, Cloud Services, Functions and Cron Jobs in configurable packaged projects called KintoBlocks. When ready, deploy them into one or many environments. Safely upgrade your changes with A/B tests, Blue/Green and rolling deployments. Want to see your changes automatically? Enable continuous deployments (CD) by selecting a branch to always stay up to date when new commits are successfully built.

The most boring part, yet the most important! No team can thrive without understanding your logs, performance, and issues in real time. Developers are finally empowered to debug any issue without pestering devops for support. Using the power of Prometheus, Jaeger, and Kibana alongside KintoHub’s UI, anyone can easily sniff out issues in production or beat them before they reach the light of day in dev.

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