• How much does it cost?

    For now? Zero. Nada. Free.

    During the first months of the public alpha, KintoHub is entirely free to use - No better time to jump onboard, try our tools and tell us what you think!

  • But why?

    2 reasons:

    We want as many people as possible to jump onboard the microservice bandwagon and start building KintoBlocks.

    We are still refining our pricing options & discussing what"s best for the community (see below) - might as well make it a worthwhile period for everyone!

  • Any limitations during the free period?

    Coming soon.

    If you need more for your applications during the free period, we will be happy to help. Please contact us.

  • When will you start to charge?

    It"s likely we will start charging for some features sometime during summer 2018.

    We nevertheless keep a free tier.

    We will of course keep you posted on details & give you ample notice when the date comes closer.

  • What will the pricing model be like?

    Hopefully like what is best for you & for us!

    We are currently closely examining several options from subscription to pay as you go for hosting, with options for many applications, users, or added services.

    Ideally, we want to be as simple, predictable & as transparent as possible - so all of us can focus on code instead of worrying about costs.

    Feeling partial towards a particular pricing model? You can chime in here.