If your app or idea requires:

  • A Static Website for users to interact with
  • A Backend API that needs to scale to many thousands of requests per second
  • A Job which scrapes data periodically from 3rd parties to provide information to your users
  • A Web App which generates server-side rendered (SSR) content for your users
  • A Database such as MongoDB for storing stateful information such as emails or data for your application
  • A S3 Cloud Storage to store images or data uploaded by your users
  • A Memcache Key/Value Store such as Redis to improve performance with cached queries or guarantee mission-critical tasks through queues.

KintoHub makes it easy to manage, debug and scale all-of-the above through an intuitive Dashboard across one or many regions.

KintoHub Mission

The Kinto Team is working hard to create a powerful, yet intuitive Cloud Interface for developers. Developers are expected to ship fast, but the time it takes to get rapidly evolving code safely into the cloud is complex... Using KintoHub, teams should be able to rapidly prototype new ideas, debug issues in the cloud and manage mission-critical services all in one centralized place.

What is "Kinto" + "Hub"

Kinto is the short form of Kinto'Un, inspired from Journey to the West and the Dragon Ball anime series. A Kinto'Un is the magic cloud or nimbus that Wu Kong, otherwise known as Son Goku, rides. Hub is where all things connect with hope that our product will unique every git repository on the planet to be deployable to any cloud provider with confidence in costs.

What is a Cloud Interface?

In 2020, cloud providers are slowly being abstracted by a technology called Kubernetes. KintoHub utilizes Kubernetes to build the first multi-cloud, multi-region management platform where you can deploy your services alongside existing workloads on a cloud account. Starting with Google you can deploy any service in 3 regions around the world! Amazon, Azure, and Digital Ocean are coming next!

KintoHub simplifies and optimizes your costs on all cloud providers through a single dashboard.

What About Serverless?

KintoHub currently does not support Lambda or Functions, but we do have a Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode can be found under the advanced settings of your services and will give you control over when your services shut down. While they sleep, if an API request comes in, they will wake up within a few seconds.

Combining full control over your resources with being able to deploy a 32 Mb instance and Sleep Mode, you can build a fleet of reliable serverless services. Not to mention, running a 32 Mb service on KintoHub 24/7 only costs $1.09 USD per month!