Releases show the historic changes and previous change history and results of your service.

View Releases

  1. Login to KintoHub
  2. Choose your environment you are interested in deploying into at the top left.
  3. Create any service or select a previous service you have made.
  4. Click on the Releases tab near the top left.

Release Information

Release history will show you all of the previous releases have ever made in your app.

  • Status - Shows what is the current result of the release
    • Failed - An build or deployment issue occurred and must be debugged by viewing the logs.
    • Aborted - A manual abort request was made while the deploy action was running
    • Deployed - Was once successfully deployed, but is no longer live.
    • Live Version - The current live version that is running and serving traffic.
  • Time - The time that the release completed
  • Branch - The branch of code that was deployed on the repository
  • We are exploring how to tag releases so you can keep them forever. If interested, please vote for the feature.

Edit a previous release

When you wish to edit and deploy a failed or previous release you can do the following:

  1. Click the ... in the row of the release you wish to edit.
  2. Click Edit Release

View logs of a release

When you click the Deploy button you will be able to watch the realtime logs of a release. Once the release is completed, we store the logs for future analysis.

You can do the following to view historic deploy logs:

  1. Click the ... in the row of the release you wish to edit.
  2. Click View Logs

Abort A Release

If you know something is wrong and you want to cancel it immediately, you have the option to Abort.

  1. Click the ... in the row of the release that has the status Deploying or Queued
    • *NOTE - You cannot abort a release that has been completed. It must be deploying.
  2. Click Abort
  3. Click the red Abort button in the confirmation popup