KintoHub uses a Pay-As-You-Go billing similar to Amazon, Google, and Azure. Once a credit card is attached to your account, you will be able to access all the features of KintoHub without any limitations. KintoHub does not plan to charge for seats or specific features aside from the three ways your team may utilize the platform.

  • Free - users may deploy up to 3 services with up to 256 Mb and shared vCPU with minimal limitations
  • Pay-As-You-Go - users have no limits to what they can deploy on the KintoHub Platform.
  • Private Clusters - We provide Startup, Small Business, and Enterprise licenses to a private version of the KintoHub platform across your company's multi-cloud, multi-region and on-prem hardware.

Once you have signed up for Pay-As-You-Go billing, you will NOT be charged immediately. All charges are made on the 1st of every month and pro-rated by the second. All Pay-As-You-Go users get $10 USD of usage charges waved per month

Free User Limitations

  • May only deploy up to 256 Mb of memory per service
  • May only have 1 environment
  • Cannot use Dedicated vCPU. All services are Shared vCPU by default
  • Cannot Auto Scale your services
  • Catalog Persistent Storage is capped at 1Gb of persistence

Pay As You Go Benefits

After entering in your credit card, all Free User Limitations are lifted. All Pay-As-You-Go customer's bill will have the following benefits:

  • The first 10 USD of cost usage for any feature on the platform is waved
  • First 3000 minutes of build & deploy time is waived
  • First 10 Gb of bandwidth is waived

Here are some examples that can be deployed for FREE after becoming a Pay-As-You-Go user:

  • Deploy up to 5 services with 512 Mb memory each and shared vCPU enabled.
  • Deploy a free full-stack application with a Database, Web App and Backend API

Build & Deploy Time and Bandwidth is currently 100% waived during the early access period!

Billing Operations

Activate Pay-As-You-Go Billing

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your Account Icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Click View Plan
  4. Click Upgrade under the pay-as-you-go plan.
  5. Enter your name and credit card information
  6. Enjoy KintoHub!

Cancel Pay-As-You-Go Billing

Currently, there is no automatic way to cancel due to the complexities of safely downgrading your account. Please contact us to cancel your subscription.

View Invoice & Receipts

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your Account Icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Click Billing
  4. Under Billing History select the arrow next to the invoice date

Add or Remove Cards

It is not possible to remove your credit card unless you Cancel your subscription by following the Cancel Pay-As-You-Go billing above.

If you wish to update your subscription with a new card, you may follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your Account Icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Select Billing
  4. Under Payment Method click Add payment method
  5. Once your new payment method is added, click Set Default Payment Method to your new card
  6. Optionally, you may now remove your original card that was on the account.

This option will not show unless you are a paying user.

Pricing Overview

All charges are pro-rated per second. Depending on the type of resources you are being charged for, you are also pro-rated by its type:

  • vCPU is pro-rated up to 1/10th 10% of a vCPU core.
    • As an example: if you select 0.1 vCPU, it will cost you $1.50 USD per month pro-rated by the second versus the full cost of $15 USD for a full 100 dedicated vCPU
  • Memory is pro-rated per Mb.
    • This means if you select 32 Mb of memory, it will cost you $0.09 USD per month pro-rated by the second versus the full cost of $3 USD per month
  • Storage is pro-rated per megabyte per second
  • Bandwidth is pro-rated per megabyte

Learn how to estimate your costs, visit the Advanced Settings tab.

vCPU Pricing

CPU cost are broken down into three catgories and is charged per second:

  • Shared vCPU - $1 USD /month
  • Dedicated vCPU with Optimization Enabled - $15 USD /month
  • Dedicated vCPU with Optimization Disabled - $30 USD /month

The smallest amount of Optimized Dedicated vCPU available is 0.1 or 10% of a vCPU core which costs $1.50 USD per month.

Memory Pricing

Memory costs are broken down into 2 categories and are charged per second:

  • 1 Gb Memory with Optimization Enabled - $3 USD /month
  • 1 Gb Memory with Optimization Disabled - $7 USD /month

Storage Pricing

Persistent storage disks sit on solid state drives (SSDs) and are charged per second:

  • 1 Gb Storage - $0.28 (28 cents) /month

Right now the only storage KintoHub charges for is Catalog Service disks.

In the future it may also include Backups, Build Artifacts, and Log History with the option to automatically delete after a specific amount of days.

Build & Deploy Time Pricing

Build and Deploy tasks are usually heavy operations and are broken down into two categories and are charged per second.

  • First 3000 Build & Deploy Seconds - FREE!
  • 1 Build & Deploy Second - $0.0000167 per second or $0.001 (1/10th) of a cent per second.

Bandwidth Pricing

Bandwidth costs are broken down into 3 categories

  • Static Websites - have no bandwidth limit
  • First 100 GB Bandwidth - FREE!
  • 1 Gb bandwidth - $0.12 or 12 cents pro-rated per megabyte.