When developing your app, you may have one or many services speaking to each other through a public API or internal API endpoint.

View Access Information

Not all services can be accessed. Jobs and Background Workers do not have any accessible endpoints.

The following service types will have an Access Tab available

  • Web App
  • Backend API
  • Postgres - From Catalog

The service access tab is located in the Service View.

  1. Login to your KintoHub account
  2. Create a new service or click on a Service in your Environment
  3. Click on the tab Access

How It Works?

In the Access Tab, you will have all the available options to access your service.

  • Internal hostnames are generated from the {service-name}.
  • External hostnames are generated by {service-name}-{5-character-environment-hash}
    • Example:

If you wish to customize your external hostname, you may set up a Custom Domain


Postgres has additional access information that is generated for usage.

  • Connection String Admin - a Postgres friendly connection URI for the root user.
  • Connection String User - a Postgres friendly connection URI for user-specified when creating the service.
  • Root Password - the password for the root user postgres.
  • Username - the username specified when creating the service
  • Password - the password for username specified when creating the service

If you programmatically change the Postgres user or password data, the information on KintoHub will be out of sync and unuseable.