Settings allow you modify the way your service behaves and/or critical operations such as Deleting or Suspending your service.

Viewing Service Settings

  1. Login to KintoHub
  2. Choose your environment you are interested in viewing at the top left.
  3. Choose the service from the services list you are interested in editing.
  4. Click the Settings at the far right.


It's coming soon! Hang tight.

Public API

Public APIs are available only for Backend Services. This toggle allows you to enable or disable a secure public hostname for your service to be accessed. Backend Services by default are public.

When disabled, you may only access your service from another service within the same Enivornment on KintoHub using its internal hostname. For example:

  • Service A is a Backend Service which is only used for internal operations.
  • Service B is a Job service can access it using its internal hostname.
  • Service C is a Web App and runs on customers' browsers cannot access Service A since it does not have an external hostname.

Delete a service

This is an irreversible action and your service will be shutdown immediately.

  1. Follow the instructions above on getting to the Settings tab and then click Delete Service
  2. Type in the service name in the prompt and again click Delete