About Us

Programmers, designers, gamers, tech & animal lovers - all with one common goal.

Our mission aims to empower developers with a platform to build, deploy and operate feature-blocks of code while optimizing costs and reliability at scale.


laura ambrose

Front End Engineer
Glory to Mankind!

benjamin apprederisse

Director of Engineering
Jack of all trades, master of none

Isaiah Becker-Mayer

Engineer and Sales Rep
Powered by organic, gluten-free Himalayan VapeJuice™

joseph cooper

Founder & CEO
{ Live, love and code }

noah cooper

Associate Product Manager
<< Yo buddy, still alive? >>

Ella Cruz

Office Manager
You only live once... make it count!

Ankush Gera

Head of Growth
Only makes full-body-yes decisions

Noel Lee

DevOps Engineer
Nihil Verum Omnia Licita

Blake McCreary

Product Designer
Obsessed with Beautifying Complexities

seema nair

QA Engineer
Improving the world bug by bug.

Bart verkoeijen

Developer Advocate
My head is in the cloud.

nandi wong

Back End Engineer

edward yu

Back End Engineer
Full Stack slave for cats

roman zhilyov

Back End Engineer
make(love && ()=>{code})


Angular Ventures

Haystack Ventures


Keith Loose

Fullstack Tech
20+ years experience

emmanuel pitsilis

Enterprise BD
Enterprise & Business 30+ years

fred simon

Business & Tech
Tech & Business 30+ years

Andrew Stott

Sales & Business
Sales & Business 15+ years