1.0.0 - KintoHub Is Alive!
Although this is being posted today, This changelog is actually related to
July 8th, 2020
We have rebuilt KintoHub from scratch optimizing everything from cost control to enterprise-multi cloud readiness. A lot has changed, so be sure to check out the docs for more information.
  • KintoBlocks has been renamed to services
  • Teams have been archived and temporarily disabled
  • ClientId / Secret no longer exists and we have removed the API Gateway
  • New billing model - pay per second, no more tiers - everything lays under a simple pay as you go.
  • The free tier has been increased to 3 free services without a credit card. Up to 5 services with a credit card as all credit card users automatically get $10 USD removed from their bill every month.
  • No more workspaces, No More Projects. Everything is now focused on Environments!
Billing & Accounts
  • Must resign up to the new KintoHub.
  • This section is still heavily under construction. Stay tuned.
  • Billing is now pay per second and shows the max cost per month prior to deploying your service
  • Charges are accumulated throughout the month and charged on the 1st of every month.
  • Introducing metrics. CPU. Memory and Instance metrics
  • Automatic Horizontal Scaling via CPU
  • Dedicated or Shared vCPU options
  • Removed Helm Blocks and Static Websites is coming soon.
  • Ability to restart instances
  • Clear access controls and endpoints
  • New Release view with Rollback and Abort Releases
  • Deploy now combines Build+Deploy stage. No longer have to build, then deploy.
  • Jobs now have a job history and logs per history available.
  • You can now deploy services from any public or private git repository using a URL.
  • Postgres is the only managed catalog service available at the moment.
  • Introducing Region Section. Asia, Europe, and North America!
  • Service Health shows if your service is down or having any issues.
  • Logs are accurate and 100% faster.
  • Removed Logs history - you can only see what instances are available now.
  • Build/Release logs are in real-time, show error highlights, and fix suggestions and stored for long-term history usage.
Coming soon
Not in any particular order yet!
  • Github / Gitlab Apps
  • CI/CD
  • Free static websites and password protection
  • MongoDB, Redis, Mysql catalog