1.1.0 - Cost Optimization & Private Services
Today we released an important feature to the mission of cost savings in both
. In the click of a button, you will be able to get access to cheaper hosting by opting into our cost optimization feature. Learn more here
  • Backend APIs
    can now toggle public or private under the
    tab. Private services allow you to protect your service to only be used for internal service to service calls, ensuring no one can access the service from outside. When private API is disabled, you will get a public URL endpoint just as you have in the past.
  • Cost Optimization
    toggle gives you access to up to 60% cheaper resources from the cloud providers.
Billing & Accounts
  • Email validation is now sent upon signup
  • Tutorial emails will be sent if you are having issues deploying a service.
  • Cost Optimization price calculation and toggle under
    Advanced Settings
    in all services. Enabled by default.
  • Removed services icon at the top left to avoid confusion
  • No changes
Misc Changes
  • When going back to the dashboard signup/login page, if u are already logged in it will automatically forward you
  • Removed Trigger Deploy from catalog services
  • Added back button for after clicking Service Type to return back to the selection
  • Fixed issue adding same repository twice in an environment
  • Minor improvements in build/deploy speed - More to come!
  • Added support / feedback buttons to bottom left