v1.3.0 - Command Line Tools (CLI) and Github Apps
Our latest releases make it easier for you to securely connect your Github repositories and introduces an alpha version of our CLI tool.
Github Apps
CLI Remote Instance Port Forwarding
  • You can now specify the name of your service when creating it. This allows you to use the same repository multiple times (mono-repo friendliness)
  • GithubApps allows you to connect to your github account and give access to one or many of your repositories for KintoHub to build, deploy, and operate.
  • CLI tools make it easy to get access to your remote services, including your databases, from your local machine.
  • Over 15+ bug fixes and improvements
Billing & Accounts
  • Fixed issue with random charges for Jobs that were completed and not running
  • You can now change the name of your service on creation only
No new features
  • Better mobile experience
Misc Changes
  • When you try to close the settings panel, it will prompt you if you wish to discard your changes
  • Introduced back button from repository creation panel
  • Fixed issues creating new environments
  • Block user from being able to deploy two releases at same time. You must now abort the previous release.
  • Fullstack example on docs
  • Reduce reconnection errors on frontend
  • Fix job from failing when you modify environment variables only
  • Added
    Extended Config
    to progreSQL for advanced users
  • Fixed issue closing release logs on mobile
  • Service creation is now pre-filled