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Easily Build, Debug, Deploy, Scale and Monitor your entire application.
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Automation by Default

Simply hookup your git service and begin building. Git is a 1st class citizen on KintoHub ensuring branches, tags and pull requests (coming soon) are synced & configurable.


Add Your Services

KintoBlocks are deployable packages that connect to a specific repository on your git host provider. We monitor changes and build commits automatically. We have created several types of blocks which make up an entire application. From microservices to cron jobs, you can create reusable combinations of blocks that can be shared across your products.


Lightweight stateless services which perform logic for your business. By default, KintoHub’s microservices are serverless but have the option to be Always On as well.


Tasks are containers that respond to events on the KintoHub platform. They can be a cron job that runs on a schedule, or a CI/CD event that backs up a database, runs an E2E test or more. The choice is yours!

custom services & data

Custom services are usually stateful services that require Persistent Storage Disks such as databases like MongoDB, shared memory like Redis or eventing like Kafka.


Easily host static, dynamic or server-side rendered websites and deploy them alongside your other KintoBlocks.


Automatically See Your Updates

Continuous Deployment comes out of the box with KintoHub. You can map your KintoBlock’s branches into a deployment so that all changes will automatically update once you push to your git repository!


Advanced Debugging

Debugging potentially 10’s of scaling services is not easy. KintoHub provides real-time logs and requests information to understand issues with your application from dev to production. This starts with quickly analyzing logs on KintoHub’s UI. For advanced analytics and finding bottlenecks with tracing, KintoHub is compatible with Kibana and Jaeger (coming soon) as well! Kintohub’s CLI tools (in development) help you debug parts of your application locally within your IDE so that you can easily resolve your problem.


Monitor Everything

Monitor everything with Prometheus and Grafana to understand how your application is performing. Watch your application scale and find bottlenecks between calls to understand your limitations before it's too late. With Prometheus, you will be able to set up email alerting for your teams to respond to issues with your environment.

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