0.11.0 - Introducing Pro Features & Multi-Custom Domain Names
  • Introducing pro features
  • Improved settings
  • Improved UX - such as... Searching KintoBlocks Filter!
  • Multiple Custom Hostnames (www.kintohub.com,kintohub.com) can be set for let's encrypt certificates and custom domain names!
Accounts & Admin
  • When you come back to KintoHub, you will return to the last workspace you were on.
  • Improved accepting invitation experience
  • Be able to select 64mb as default block memory.
  • Ability to search kintoblocks!
  • After connecting your github account, you will go back to the selected KB you chose.
  • When creating a new block, an auto build will be triggered for default
  • No Changes.
General Changes
  • Slight changes were made to the versions list to make the most popular easily accessible towards the top.
  • Catalogs are now sorted by name.
Bug Fixes
  • Realtime logs now show when the service failed to deploy
  • Sometimes build was not the latest one and have to refresh on projects page
  • Limited cron job long names issue