0.12.0 - General Performance Improvements & Enhancements
  • New account section
  • Support multi-custom domain names (www.kintohub.com,kintohub.com)
  • One-Click Deployments!
  • Quickstart videos
  • Tons of UX & Performance Improvements
Accounts & Admin
  • Ability to update your email and change your password under "Account Settings".
  • Default KintoBlock Memory is now set to 256 to ensure JVM / high memory-related apps don't fail on their first deployment.
  • Build Logs button easier to find
  • No Changes.
General Changes
  • Memory now displays in a cleaner format (1GB versus 1024MB)
Bug Fixes
  • Remove custom domain names on shutdown.
  • Fixed issue with History button showing up in KintoBlock Manage page.
  • Fixed branches of block changing after saving build arguments
  • Removed "required" value for build arguments