v1.6.0 + v1.7.0 - Sleep Mode, Storage Usage, Github Login and More!
A massive release has just come upon us! We have released several new features along with a lot of micro-updates across the platform. Please read the migration guide for important information regarding your services.
  • kinto CLI v0.2.0 - Massive refactor, introducing a new version of
  • Commit Message hash for releases
  • Storage usage
  • Updated billing model
  • Sleep Mode
  • Misc stability and security updates
  • Support redirection for static websites / SPA apps.
  • .kinto file support
Billing & Accounts
  • Users now get $5 USD off per month instead of $10 after putting their credit card in. (Existing users are grandfathered into the $10 USD /month credit indefinitely)
  • You can now Login with Github!
  • Sleep Mode is on by default and sleeps your services after 10-minutes of inactivity.
  • You can now view your Storage Overview for catalog related services to see the usage of your disks.
  • Static Websites now support redirecting to the index.html file for SPA apps.
  • You can now see the commit hash on your releases and access the commit!
  • You can now share your URL to people easily which has env id, service, and release id information embedded in it.
No new features
  • teleport
    has been updated to redirect remote traffic to your local machine!
  • Introducing
    which will create secure tunnels to your remote machine.
  • Several misc improvements.
Misc Changes
  • Environments security has been pumped up. Long story short, you're more secure!
  • Static website hosting has been upgraded to be distributed on more servers, which will lessen any downtime that may have been occurring.