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Build smart scalable apps faster than ever without the need to depend on DevOps or have knowledge about cloud infrastructure. Own the full product lifecycle from code to cloud effortlessly.
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  • Wait No More for CI/CD

    Instantly gain access to CI/CD systems that perform 90% faster than outdated traditional systems. React to issues with alerts and logs at your fingertips and spin up new environments to test hotfixes in seconds. The only blocker now is you.
  • Deploy in Clicks, Not Weeks

    You don’t have to be a cloud expert to deploy, upgrade or debug your app. KintoHub has combined powerful open source software to do the heavy lifting for you and abstract the cloud itself!

Developers Move FAST with KintoHub

Learn in Minutes. Master in Hours

Easily build and combine microservices and websites in any language or framework. Code and push to git and let KintoHub do the rest.

Fine Tune Your Configuration

Expose environment variables for your release managers to configure and override in any environment. Setup services to scale and be cost efficient with KintoHub’s serverless and auto-scale technology.

Spin-up & Update Environments Instantly

Create temporary or permanent environments with ease. Setup continuous deployment by mapping a KintoBlock to a Git Branch to enable automatic updates for every commit.

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