Build cloud native apps in seconds

KintoHub is a cloud-native workflow which manages your entire application’s lifecycle from source to production. Get started in seconds and build, combine, deploy and manage APIs, microservices, databases, tasks and more in clicks versus weeks.

Get started easily

Connect Your Git Repo

Build a Service

Combine and Deploy

Build your product with the best practices for global-scale

KintoHub provides best practices to build scalable, cost-efficient apps, leveraging powerful technologies including Kubernetes, Docker, Envoy, Vault, Spotinst and more to power your team.
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Deploy and manage highly scalable apps with confidence

KintoHub allows you to seamlessly configure and one-click deploy apps, and skip the complexities of infrastructure. Deploy canary releases, rolling deployments, A/B testing and more in one or many environments, regions or clouds without speaking to a single DevOps resource.
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Monitor and debug issues faster with automated alerts and powerful insights

Seconds are priceless at scale. KintoHub ensures your team can react to issues faster than ever. Every deployed environment comes packed with tools to find problems before the customer experiences them.
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Access to a proven, billion-user-scale multi-cloud infrastructure – no setup required

Technology today has flourished with amazing open source tools to build apps. Discovering and combining the right ones isn’t easy. We have spent years testing the many options and packaged together the best projects that Google, IBM, Facebook, Intuit, Lyft, Uber and more use to attain billion-user-scale. Get the same engineering power and tools of fortune 500 companies instantly with KintoHub.
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Powerful features in clicks


Automation by default

Simply hookup your git repo and begin building. Git is a 1st class citizen on KintoHub ensuring branches, tags and pull requests are synced & configurable.


Any service made easy

Find hundreds of services through our catalog. Can’t find the one you want? Create a custom service with a Helm chart to deploy anything on KintoHub.


Deployments simplified

Ship new features and updates with zero downtime in no more than 2 clicks! Canary releases and shadow deployments enable you to safely test in ‘prod’ before going live!


Intuitive configuration

Configure hundreds of services easily with environment variables and build arguments. Override API keys in ‘prod’ and ‘dev’ ensuring the same build gets promoted to multiple environments.


Manage teams

Manage teams of any size through workspaces. Set permissions to ensure the right people have access to view specific projects or limit users from releasing in mission critical environments.

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