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KintoHub is an all-in-one platform to combine and deploy your backend services, websites, cron jobs, databases and everything your app needs in one place.

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Git your code on Kintohub!


Bring services together that make up your cloud app.


Deploy updates to public or private environments.

Combine Any Service In Clicks, Not Weeks.

Backend Services

Node, Golang, Python, $YOUR_FAV_LANG

One-click automated serverless

Graphql, HTTP/HTTPS, TCP Ready.

Background workers like Celery, Sidekiq

Backend Docs

Cron Jobs

Process data every day, hour or minute

Run Puppeteer or other E2E tests

Trigger Slack Messages on Deployments

Automated load testing pre-deployment

Cron Job Docs


Databases - MongoDB, MySQL, PostgresQL

S3 Storage - Minio

Queues - RabbitMQ and NATS

Cache - Redis

Analytics - Elasticsearch and InfluxDB

Catalog Docs


Host virtually any web technology

Custom Domains with free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Password Protection

Compatible with Cloudflare CDN

Website Docs

Docker && Helm Ready

Full control of your app with Dockerfiles

Instantly deploy your favorite DockerHub image

Optimize costs with Alpine images

Create resilient stateful services with Helm Charts

Access thousands of helm chart recipes

Docker Docs

Multi-Environment Ready

Safely test with your team before pushing to customers

Override environment variables for dev and prod

Review clear changelogs between deployments

Release history and rollback with ease

Optimize costs in dev and ensure redundancy in prod

Environment Docs

No Framework Required

KintoHub deploys any app, any language with zero code requirements. Imagine having the power to deploy the สล็อตออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุด (best online slot games) effortlessly, without any code requirements. KintoHub empowers you to focus on the creative aspects of game development while taking care of the deployment process for you. Your favorite libraries and frameworks supported with over 20+ one-click templates ready.

Deploy Any App

Why Use Kintohub

Go Live Fast

Launching our Appysport platform in 3 months wouldn’t have been possible without KintoHub. KintoHub allowed us to focus on developing our product without worrying about scalable infrastructure or deployment automation.

Sebastien McMurrich

Co-CEO @ Appysport

Packed with tools you NEED.

Setting up a Cron Jobs to rebuild, process data and deploy a Gatsby static website every few minutes to millions of users could not be done on Netlify and Zeit. KintoHub Jobs did the trick!

Nandi Wong

Founding Engineer @

Prototype. Iterate. Scale.

LegalX’s notifications feature started as a microservice and database on KintoHub. Before we knew it, we had tons of services running in production on KintoHub for ourselves and our customers! KintoHub turned the cloud into something as fun and simple as playing with lego bricks.

Andrew Chung

Lead Developer @ LegalX

Join the Party with no 3rd parties!

There are many awesome next-gen cloud providers that disappoint you once you need a database. KintoHub is the only alternative that spun up a Mongo, Postgres or MySQL instance alongside a serverless backend API within a few clicks.

Fred Simon

Co-Founder @ JFROG

Ready to simplify your cloud?

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