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If you’re part of testing new features, building resilient services with automated backups, creating new and exciting features or understanding the daily KPIs of your products, KintoHub streamlines collaboration in every aspect.
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Developer Features


Build stateless services which can be always on or serverless in a single click!


Create static or dynamic websites to host the frontend of your app.


Dive in and debug any service you’ve deployed with ease.

Requests Coming Soon

Quickly observe and understand the state of your requests in your app.

Jaeger Coming Soon

Understand dependencies and performance bottlenecks with Jaeger tracing.

Environment Variables

Quickly configure and override environment variables in your deployments.

1st Class Git

Work directly on git with branches, tags and PRs which are automatically synced, built and deployable on KintoHub.

Local Debug Coming Soon

Use Kinto’s powerful CLI tools to deploy one or many services from your local machine quickly iterate and debug your app directly from your favorite IDE.

DevOps Features

Free & Automatic SSL

Get automatic and rotatable SSL certificates with LetsEncrypt!


Setup alerts and monitor your deployments with Prometheus.

Custom Services

Build or use helm charts to deploy custom services such as databases or message queues.

High Availability

Enable services to be highly available and balanced between multiple availability zones in seconds.

Scale Coming Soon

Set up min and max scaling rules so you save while serving the best experience to your customers.


Save with serverless containers that scale from Zero to N with ease. Powered by Knative (Cloud Run).

Custom Hostnames

Setup custom SSL certificates, hostnames and CORS to brand your app with your domain name.

Config Management

Override environment variables and various settings per environment. Separate your prod and dev keys and optimize your costs between environments.

Team Features

Role Based Permissions

Add and manage user permissions in your organization with one or many workspaces. Everything from read, write and deployments (coming soon) can be controlled with KintoHub.

Discover Services

Don’t let a single feature or function within your business get lost. Share features across products and teams to ensure your next app gets build faster with existing tech!


Use Kibana to gain insights about your application.

Billing Coming Soon

Get straightforward billing with no surprises.

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