When developing your app, you may have one or many services speaking to each other through a public API or internal API endpoint.

View Access Information#

Not all services can be accessed. Jobs and Background Workers do not have any accessible endpoints.

The following service types will have an Access Tab available.

  • Web App
  • Backend API
  • Postgres - From Catalog

The service access tab is located in the Service View.

  1. Create a new service or click on a Service in your Environment
  2. Click on the Access tab


How It Works?#

In the Access Tab, you will have all the available options to access your service.

  • Internal hostnames are generated from the {service-name}.
  • External hostnames are generated by {service-name}-{5-character-environment-hash}
    • Example:

If you wish to customize your external hostname, you may set up a Custom Domain.


Postgres has additional access information that is generated for usage.

  • Connection String Admin - a Postgres friendly connection URI for the root user.
  • Connection String User - a Postgres friendly connection URI for user-specified when creating the service.
  • Root Password - the password for the root user postgres.
  • Username - the username specified when creating the service.
  • Password - the password for username specified when creating the service


If you programmatically change the Postgres user or password data, the information on KintoHub will be out of sync and unuseable.