Import URL

All KintoHub services start from a repository. Today, you can deploy code from any public or private repository on GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab using a valid git URL and access token if your git repository is private.


Repositories do not have any requirements to be compatible with KintoHub. You can deploy an existing repository with zero changes to your code and no configuration required!

Setting New Repository#

  1. Click on the Create Service button at the top right.
  2. Click on the Import URL tab.
  3. Enter in your Git Repository URL.
  4. Enter in your Branch you wish to build and deploy.
  5. Optionally add an Access Token to your repository if it is private.

Edit Existing Repo#

  1. Choose your environment you are interested in viewing at the top left.
  2. Choose the service from the services list you are interested in editing.
  3. Click Edit Service at the top right.
  4. Change the Branch or Access Token.
  5. Click Deploy at the top right.

You are not allowed to change the repository URL once it is set. You must recreate your service.