Custom Domains

Custom Domains allow you to bring a custom URL to your services on KintoHub. KintoHub supports both root and sub domains from ANY domain provider using CNAMEs. Every Custom Domain on KintoHub gets a FREE Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.

The following service types support Custom domains:

  • Web Apps
  • Backend APIs

Setting up a Domain#

  1. Choose your environment you are interested in deploying into at the top left.
  2. Create or select an existing Web App, Website or Backend API service to edit.
  3. Click on the Domains tab near the top center of the Service page.

  1. Enter in your domain or subdomain you wish to map to your service.
  2. Click on the Add Domain button.

  1. Follow the instructions to add a CNAME key and value to your DNS host provider.
  2. Once complete click on the OK button.

Domain Status#

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates expire every few months. KintoHub will automatically renew your SSL certificate without any downtime of your service. Your Let's Encrypt certificate status is displayed under SSL Status.

Remove Domain#

  1. Under the Domains tab click on the Remove button in the row of the domain you wish to remove.

  1. Click on the Remove button in the displayed prompt.