Console Logs

Get real time visibility on your service's instance logs to debug your app. As long as your app is writing logs to the console or tail, KintoHub will pick up the text and display it here. Console does not read logs files. Once your service restarts, your logs will be gone forever.


Use 3rd party services like Datadog to capture your logs for long term storage and analysis.

View Console#

  1. Choose your environment you are interested in viewing at the top left.
  2. Choose the service from the services list you are interested in editing.
  3. Click on the Console tab in the upper center of the screen.

Console Log Format#

KintoHub displays logs in the following format in the console tab of your service.

07:06:27 PM backend-vwq7k Hello World

KintoHub Manages the time stamp on the far left and the inserts the instance id before displaying your app's message. Timestamps are translated to your local browser time.

Console Instance Selection#

An instance is a running version of your app. Many versions or many of the same version of your app may be running simultaneously due to Auto Scale or Deploying a new service.

By default, Console will select All Instances and aggregate all your app's logs into a single view. When you wish to drill down to a specific instance of your app, you may select it at the top left.

Console log search#

You may search your logs by typing in the Search bar at the top right of the console view. The search will highlight and inform you of how many successful search results have been found. If you wish to see only the lines that contain the text you have input into the Search bar, you may click to toggle the lines icon to the right of the Search bar. The lines toggle will filter your logs to only show you what you have searched for.